Cup Wash Details

Please place your used cups in the crates at our cup drop-off points, marked by green tablecloths and large signs reading "Cup Drop-off Points." By doing so, we can wash and reuse these cups throughout the night, reducing waste and promoting a greener event. Thank you for your support in our cup washing sustainability plan!

Sustainability Statement

Queen's May Ball 2023 is proud to announce its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We have implemented several provisions to ensure that the event adheres to sustainable practices.

One of our primary focuses is waste management. To address this, we will be using a high number of recycling bins strategically placed throughout the venue. These bins will be organised and monitored during the event to ensure that waste is disposed of in a sustainable manner. By encouraging proper recycling, we aim to minimise the environmental impact of the ball.

In response to the council's ban on glassware, we have taken proactive steps to reduce the use of single-use plastics. We have purchased a significant quantity of multi-use cups, which will be used and washed on the night. This decision significantly reduces the number of single-use plastics that would have otherwise been generated during the event, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

A substantial portion of our entertainment acts are sourced from the local area, minimising travel distances and associated emissions. By showcasing local talent and resources, Queen's May Ball actively contributes to the sustainability of the community and fosters a sense of environmental responsibility.

Recognising the environmental impact of food production, we have taken steps to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and land utilisation. Our catering includes a large variety of vegan and vegetarian options, which are known to have a lower carbon footprint compared to meat-based alternatives. By prioritising plant-based choices, we strive to reduce our ecological impact and promote sustainable food practices.

Where possible we have made a conscious decision to utilise hired or borrowed materials instead of disposable alternatives for decorations.